Awakening The Infinite

Awaken to a life of Purpose, Love, and Presence.

I wish for you to find the deep Beingness within yourself that is Compassionate, Peaceful and Loving. To experience your true potential, the support you have of this Universe to make your existence authentic, and feel the unconditional love in every moment.

I hope to inspire your Spiritual Journey with the wisdom I have learned so far. And I look forward to the bonds of friendship we will make!


These pages will fill with wisdom I have gained through my experiences, in the hopes they may bring you contentment, inspiration and unity. I too will learn from you.

We are all on our journeys together in this loving human experience.


Charity  ♥


Love Letters to God – Nahko and Medicine for the People

“Calling on the tribe to share this message and the debut of our Love Letters to God video far and wide today:

Standing Rock is a dream. The epicenter for our morality and dignity. A place where dark and light communicate and they work it out.

Standing Rock is a vision. The wildest manifestation of our ancestors. The heart of humanity and the blood of the Earth. Water.

An elder said a true warrior always guards the heart of the women and for so long now we’ve forgotten about our mother. Earth is us, we are it. The ones that can heal a relationship that is wounded. The ones that pray over and over. Protect.

Our oral history is vital for our survival and when we blend it with visual art it creates a bond, a prayer. This video is a sacred offering to those that are hurting. Because we must remember that love is the root of all good. Because by giving we open up to receiving. Healing.

We offer this timepiece on a day that ushers in a new era for all protectors and people alike. An era that will need music to act as the thread between front lines and front doors.

Stay in the prayer.

We stand with you.

For all our relations.

Our support goes out to the independent media that has been on the ground at Standing Rock. Without them we would have been in a total black out. Their sacrifice allows us to see the truth.”

Nahko and Medicine For The People

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