You are exactly where you are meant to be at this very time. Take a deep breath, and just relax. You are safe and so deserving of this time you have. We often don’t take the time to be silent, and just enjoy this present moment where you are right now. Reading. Take another deep breath. You woke up this morning feeling delightfully refreshed, you slipped some pants on, and came downstairs to see the sun shining so eloquently. Did you rush to the coffee pot? Did you drink it without admiring each drop on your taste bud? The interesting thing is, we all rush. All the time. We are SO stimulated in all of our environments that it makes it difficult to enjoy this moment you’re in RIGHT NOW. It actually makes it very easy to forget about this present moment because we are constantly being rerouted to different situations or our unconscious mind takes over and new thoughts keep arising. That is why we worry about our ride to work or why we constantly plan for the moment AHEAD of now.

Here’s a question for you. The last time you were making something to eat, were you focused on making something delicious to enjoy, or where you imagining the next chore on your list? I am making this post about the present moment because if you ask ANYONE in the world what they want in life, they all say, “I want to be happy.”.

Happiness can’t be planned and it can’t be put off (When I’m married, I’ll be happy). You can’t imagine happiness in the material possessions you attain, or the promotion you will get. They will bring you some sort of satisfaction, yes, of course! But that satisfaction will dissipate as soon as you start planning new goals to attain. Presence is the key to happiness and I am so excited to share this with you!


You are reading my post right now, you are AWARE that in this moment you are reading my post because physically you are reading it, and mentally you are recognizing it. THAT awareness is the key to your happiness. In other words, if you are washing the dishes and you are thinking about the soapy water, suds on your hands etc, you are present in that moment. But unless you notice “I am focused on the suds as I was the dishes” you do not have awareness. So this can be a little tricky at first, but I will give one more awesome example. You have 2 minds:

  1. Your Conscious Mind is this Awareness where you recognize this moment you are in on the outside (physically) and on the inside (mentally)
  2. Your Unconscious Mind is what I will call your distractions (your feelings, worries, fears, the urge to do something else)

The only way to being in the present moment is by operating with your Conscious Mind! So the AWARENESS that you are here, reading this post, right NOW is the key. Thankfully, it is very easy to practice without having to read this post over and over again.


When you are going about your day, simply ask yourself, “How am I feeling?”. This is like calling out the present moment. If you say anything besides happy, you need to fix your awareness back in this moment¬† (with your conscious mind)¬† because it’s likely that your unconscious mind that tries to overwhelm you with the next moment, or other feelings has taken control.

Napolean Hill was a lecturer on Success through the early 1900’s and he said,

“You either control your mind or it controls you”

And there is no better way to say it!

This practice is really easy, and if you ask yourself, “How am I feeling” even 5x a day, and you keep changing your awareness, you are actually reprogramming yourself to be in the “Here and Now”.

I made little pictures around the house to remind me, and I have to say that over three months, there is a HUGE increase in my happiness. But like anyone, I still recognize I delve in worry now and again. Awareness deepens the spiritual practise you have, and the present moment is everything so conquer it, because this is your life, your canvas, and only YOU can paint it!

Good luck and Have fun with it!

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