The Journey to Who You Are

There are an infinite amount of path’s we can walk down through our life here on earth. We can choose to live a life full of adventure, or maybe in our last life we got all of the excitement we needed to enjoy a more relaxing stay this time around. Don’t let that sound small, our presence here is still demanded.

Usually one of the first questions that transpires along your spiritual journey is, “Who am I?”. And that seems to be the first question that will provoke the answers you need to get started. The foundation of your purpose, and the self love you give yourself, sit upon the basis of understanding and accepting who you are.

Who are you? Really?

Did you skim through your memories trying to distinguish what great or not so great qualities make you feel special or different?

When I first asked myself that question I said something along the lines of “I’m really outgoing, very athletic, a good step dancer.. etc.  The reality is, we need to transcend much deeper to find out. The relief is, our memories are the best indicators!

Are you relieved? Does tapping into yourself, to who you really are under your hair and smile, scare you? My dear, it should not.

Who are you, Really?

You are a beautiful creation that was put here on purpose because you have the power to make a strong and beautiful change in this world. “You are you, that is truer than true!”

Who you are should make you feel empowered!

Only a few years ago I was the person typing “What is my life’s purpose” into google.

I’ll tell you the answer you seek:

You already know. It is inside you. It consists of the ideas and passions that spark excitement, enthusiasm, and a motivation that will be never-ending. I think the navigating trick to understanding who you are is how you find peace in silence.

Imagine one night you come home, no one is there and the power is out. What are you instinctively going to do? Perhaps you are feeling more inclined to volunteer at the shelter, or get caught up on reading. Maybe you are longing to sing your soul home and just relax.

The Practice:

Sit down with a pen and paper –somewhere you will not be interrupted. Take 10 deep breaths, and let the most prominent memories from your childhood pass by. What are you doing in them? Who are you with? Where did you go and what did you do when you needed to be alone? What are your happiest and most fulfilling memories? What did you want to be when you grew up? What challenges have you overcame that made you who you are now? What qualities do you have as a person now?

Even after all of this time I find hints of where my journey is taking me through a glimpse of childhood memories. I know you will find what you are looking for. You are the best version of yourself right now–and you are still growing and changing!

May your memories fill you with love and joy! I would love to hear how this exercise goes in the comments!

Love Always,







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