Finding Your Spiritual Teacher

There’s no doubt that people glorify the idea of having a sensei to share the in’s and out’s of mystical realms, meditation and the abundance of life. The reality is, you have many teachers around you willing to help, but you graciously overlook them and their wisdoms, unknowingly.

About two years ago, I was meditating and I met my spirit guide (See other article)

When I met him, he was walking through my own tailored nature spot; moss, fallen trees, a little creek, big rocks…And an overwhelming feeling came over me. It was a pure connection to nature. The same way it happens when Im watching the birds in the trees. It was a pure connection to the goodness we live on. A healing feeling, it could not have been mistaken for anything else.

Excited with the progress I was making, I awakened slowly from my meditation and carried on with my day. Later, I went to journal about the experience I had beheld. I wrote all of the feelings, a few other messages that came through and some experiences I was having in my daily life. I finished it off with the meeting of my native spirit guide. The connection to nature I felt in that experience was surreal, and that is the only way I can describe this. It was not mystical. It was life in it’s pure, brilliant, communicative beauty.

The SECOND I shut my journal, I became very aware of one of the windows in our house for some reason. So I got up, grabbed my tea and headed to the window …….TURKEYS!!

I was in awe. “In the 2 years I lived in this house, I have never seen this many turkeys!” I thought. So I took it as a sign and asked my good ‘ole friend ooglie googlee! (My humor is not for everyone, and I’m okay with that! 😉

For anyone that has not read or heard of animal totems. The word totem means family. So I take this as an ancestral animal family. People or animals who have helped me through all journeys on earth, specifically the one I travel now, and offer me guidance as they come with the different challenges/ tasks / aspirations that they traditionally represent. Now with that being said, I watch the characteristics of these beings in nature and find my own meaning or look online and read what Resonates with me.

As a New Moon ritual, I will be creating a tab for totems, ones that I have been learning from and extras that are new for me! I hope that your openness and awareness to these beautiful beings sheds light on your journey and which direction you are growing towards! Remember that teachers are always around you, and experience is only transformational when shared! Be open to the universe, it has so much to show us!



(Gobble Gobble!)


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